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Sacha Stewart

Speciality Energy Healing
Languages English
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The benefits of Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine are: - Assists with physical and emotional imbalances. - Calms the body and mind. - Assists you to create positive choices and new thought patterns. - Increased confidence and an improved outlook on life. - Can help with transformation and finding life direction. - Encouragement to see food as medicine as well as looking at any biochemical and hormonal imbalances. - Assistance to help you create practices of self-care and self love. - Tools and knowledge on how to manage your stress levels on an ongoing basis. - An opportunity to see how small shifts can have a big impact on your life. - Belief in yourself that you can make and sustain changes, and that anything is possible. - Support as you make these changes with empathy, understanding and respect.

A range of the many concerns that people come to me for are stress, burnout, inability to sleep, anxiety, reproductive problems, lack of focus, memory, mental health, as well as other physical manifestations and emotional imbalances.

Another question I often get asked is how does an online session compare to in person. My clients are a mix of about 50% in person 50% online. Some of my clients are in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan as well as other parts of Australia. The main difference in an online session is I muscle monitor on your behalf, using my own body. I ask your permission if I can surrogate for you, which means I can then tap into your field and connect to your energy. Because everything is energy which has now been proven by quantum physics our energy is not restricted by time and space. We are all connected and I simply tap into the energy of your vibration with your acknowledgement and permission. When I close the session down, I also close that connection so both our energy fields are free and clear. As we do in an in-person session, we spend time upfront discussing your goals and intentions, and I muscle monitor and ask you questions throughout. I receive the same knowledge and insights to share with you, and uncover the blocks just as I would if we were in the same room. To balance I might do some energy work, or get you to hold some acupressure points, or share with you certain techniques that help you shift and clear the emotions or blocks. We close by making sure it has all cleared and that you’re aligned to your goals and intentions.

The first thing that happens in a kinesiology session is I will talk through what is going on for you emotionally, and physically and any blocks you may be facing. I use muscle monitoring to set up a path of communication between your mind and body. To do this I engage the muscle on your arm to monitor states of lock or unlock, when the muscle unlocks this is a sign that there is a stress or block between the muscle and your nervous system due to a physical, emotional, mental or energetic imbalance. In essence it’s like a bio-computer giving a readout. It shows me what is going on beneath the surface so you can begin to understand what’s holding you back, and the feedback I receive uncovers the patterns and belief systems that are playing out for you and where they may have come from. As we go through the session we discuss what comes up, how it applies to your life, and I invite you to tap into your own insights and inner knowing. I also work quite intuitively and I may share any messages that come up as to what might be present as well. I will then muscle monitor to see what needs to be done to correct the imbalance, or to shift the emotion. There are many different avenues to balance and bring you back into homeostasis, or you could call it alignment. I use the Traditional Chinese meridian system, the chakra system and your energetic body, to ascertain where the imbalance is stored. Then I begin to release and correct those blocks for you, using various techniques. Everything from acupressure, to brain function processes, nutritional remedies and counselling, to the more metaphysical treatments such as energy work, flower essences, crystals, essential oils, sound, and oracle cards. A session can incorporate a range of these tools, whether we are working together in person or online.

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