Currently, our practitioners are mostly located in Sydney. However, online sessions are available for everyone.

Practitioner Vetting Process

Ensuring that Bodhi Holistic Hub is a platform that features only practitioners with the highest level of expertise and professional care in their field.

At Bodhi Holistic Hub, we pride ourselves on living out our core values and our mission of being the best, trusted and most loved platform for all your holistic needs. To ensure that we are upholding our promise, we have implemented a comprehensive selection process and quality standards for all our practitioners.


Our selection process, made of 3 phases, covers and assesses:

  • Our core values
  • Practitioner expertise and accreditation
  • Soft skills - Engagement and communication skills
  • Their passion and sense of purpose for what they do
  • Their holding space for online and in-person treatment sessions
Phase 1:

Getting to know our practitioners, their business, and how we can partner together:

  • The practitioner completes the application form for our team to review
  • The Bodhi team conducts a 45-minute in-person or online meet and greet
  • We assess the practitioner against our vetting criteria
    • Expertise
    • Communication and engagement
    • Client space
  • Mandatory Documentation Requirement checklist:
    • Proof of identity
    • Business number
    • Appropriate insurances
    • Qualification Accreditations: Recognised qualifications and certifications for the services they provide
    • Working With Children Checks (WWCC) if working with minors

Phase 2:

Once Phase 1 is complete, we will determine if a test session is required based on whether all areas have met the standard of criteria required.

If a test session isn’t required, we will approve the practitioner application, begin the onboarding process, and get their profile and sessions live on our platform.

If a test session is required, one will be conducted by a member of the Bodhi team, who will then re-assess the practitioner against our criteria.

Phase 3:

Ongoing Assessment in relation to BHH Community standards:

The ongoing assessment process involves:

  • Receiving positive feedback from our clients through the rating and review process.
  • The Bodhi team’s continued monitoring of the service level being provided and investigating any poor behaviour on or through the platform.

The client reviews will be public on the practitioner's profile, and the practitioner will have the opportunity to submit a public response to the review. Based on the feedback received, an overall rating will translate to several stars from 1-5, where 1 represents an “Unsatisfactory” level of service and 5 represents an “Exceptional” level of service. Our client rating and review system will play a key role in maintaining the standards we have set. We will investigate and act accordingly for any practitioners who receive negative reviews.

Any poor behaviour or bad users will also be investigated, and where necessary, the user will be removed from our platform.

If you have any questions or feedback about our practitioner selection process and standards, please contact us at [email protected]


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