Currently, our practitioners are mostly located in Sydney. However, online sessions are available for everyone.

Bodhi Holistic Hub Community standards

Through Bodhi Holistic Hub, we envision a community of like-minded users wanting to heal and be healed, to learn and to share their knowledge and holistic gifts . Our users are invited to explore and collaborate through our Learning Hub, as well as to contribute to local wellbeing gatherings through our Bodhi Connection Hub. With this top of mind, our values and ethos are our compasses in all that we are and in all we do. We hold our practitioners as well as all our users, to be aligned with our values, so that we can respectfully and lovingly co-exist within our growing community. Please see our community standards, which are reflected through many of our company values.


At Bodhi Holistic Hub, we reiterate that trust is our most important value, and it is the foundation that our platform is built on for all our users; both clients and practitioners.

We instil trust by the following:

  • We have a duty of care to ensure that the high standards of service we have put in place are carried out by all practitioners. These standards will be reflected in the client reviews post-session. If a practitioner is not keeping within these standards, or if we witness unfavourable behaviour, we will investigate accordingly and if necessary remove any practitioners.
  • The same applies to any users. If the Bodhi team identifies behaviour against our values and policies, we will remove those users from the platform.
  • We have a cancellation and rescheduling policy in place to protect both the client and practitioner, which each party must comply with.
  • Under no circumstances are bookings or payments to be made outside the Bodhi Holistic Hub platform. If practitioners are seen to promote bookings outside the platform, they will be removed and no longer able to operate with us.


We know that searching for the best holistic care can be like going down a rabbit hole. With so many options and information, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. This is why Bodhi Holistic Hub was created. We want to take out the overwhelm and headache and provide the reliability which we offer and that everyone deserves. To enhance our reliability as a holistic services marketplace:

  • Our practitioners are held to deliver to the high standards set through our review rating system, which we have in place.
  • Our practitioners who are deemed to neglect and continue to fall short of our standards or who do not adhere to our values or policies will no longer represent our clients through the Bodhi platform.
  • Our practitioners are encouraged to follow best practices in responding to clients in a timely and efficient manner (24 hours on a business day and within 48 hours over the weekend or holidays).
  • And finally, where possible, we ask that both our clients and practitioners refrain from cancelling confirmed bookings. For practitioners standards, there should be a rate of less than 1% of cancellations over the calendar year. Again, these will be monitored.


We believe transparency is key in all aspects of life and essential to building trust and accountability.

We are committed to being transparent in our decision-making and interactions by communicating simply, directly, openly and honestly to all our stakeholders; our partners, practitioners, members and employees. We equally encourage our community to communicate in the same way.

Together, we will demonstrate this by promoting connection within our community:

  • At Bodhi Holistic Hub, our practitioners should have their extensive profiles, which enable our clients to get to know them, their expertise and skills as well as review feedback and ratings from previous clients.
  • Bodhi’s pricing model is clear, transparent, and connected to individual sessions provided on our platform.
  • Likewise, our practitioners pricing should be reflective and consistent to what they charge clients who may book via their own booking system should they have one in place.
  • Practitioners must ensure they manage their bookings and reservations to accurately reflect their availability and efficiently facilitate the client’s use of our platform.

Client’s ability to submit reviews

  • To maintain the high standard of service at Bodhi Holistic Hub, we have a review and rating system in place where we encourage clients to submit feedback post sessions. These reviews will not only greatly assist our practitioners, but also help fellow clients in their decision-making, who are also experiencing similar concerns and challenges and require support.
  • We have specific standards regarding what content can and cannot be contained in reviews. No spam, self-promotion, links, offensive language or specifics about health outcomes or situations are allowed, as outlined in our Review Policy in our Client Help Centre.


This is a given when it comes to being a user within the Bodhi Community.

  • We expect nothing less than our practitioners and our clients to be kind and respect each other through all their interactions and communications.
  • Through the messaging system and reviews, we do not condone any language, misconduct, or abuse which disrespects either party.
  • Practitioners must efficiently respond to clients' messages. We expect clients to be responded to within 24 hours on a business day and within 48 hours over the weekend or holidays.
  • Practitioners are to always act and maintain a professional relationship with the client throughout the process of the session and subsequent sessions. This includes the pre and post-session aftercare, if and where applicable.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above, get in touch at [email protected].


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