Currently, our practitioners are mostly located in Sydney. However, online sessions are available for everyone.

We're on a mission to make holistic care simple, trustworthy and accessible to all

Bodhi Holistic Hub is your trusted platform helping to turn your curiosity into confidence for all your holistic and well-being needs.

How Bodhi was born

Like most creations; Bodhi Holistic Hub began with a conversation between founders Pauline and Helen. With both having passion and experience in the holistic space, they acknowledged the beneficial impact and transformation that alternative therapies had played in their lives. Although both being huge advocates for this work, it was clear that a degree of stigma, mysticism and lack of education surrounded these therapies, the practitioners and the benefits that they bring. And so their mission to change this narrative began...

Why it is essential now

With the current challenges society is facing on a global scale, more and more people are beginning to experiment and be curious about this space. Turning inwards and craving something which feels more authentic, more nurturing and more supportive for them than perhaps the typical western solutions they had been accustomed to. Most however are unsure of which alternative therapy would be right for them, how they would even go about looking for a practitioner they can trust, what would be expected of them and what a treatment would involve. Bodhi Holistic Hub will be a space for people to learn and find the best treatments and local practitioners who can support, nurture and guide them on their unique path.

Our name

Bodhi means "enlightenment and awakening" under the Bodhi Tree, which is where the Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment.

Also a play on Body; not just the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual. Bringing together the core elements of our platform, which comprises our community of fully vetted holistic practitioners and supportive knowledge hub to ensure you feel confident in moving forward with your well-being. We welcome you, to Bodhi Holistic Hub.

About Bodhi Holistic Hub

Our Values


Instilling trust is the foundation that our platform is built upon; in all we do and for all members of our community. Our extensive vetting and reviewing programmes ensure we maintain our promise of having the most gifted, supportive and passionate certified practitioners, as well as our secure booking system where you can confidently book your sessions.


With our learning hub, you can feel confident and empowered in understanding your needs and the alternative practices that will best serve you; as a stand-alone or alongside your overall health plan. Providing you with confidence and clarity to book the services which will best represent and support you, your health and your wellness.


With holistic care, it can be difficult to know where to begin and which sources are most reliable for your needs. With this being the driving force behind the creation of Bodhi; we have you covered. Taking out the overwhelm, our platform provides you with the learning tools and education as well as an array of certified, vetted and gifted practitioners in your local area.


Kindness is essential in all engagements and interactions between our community. In a world where at times it feels like there is a collective disconnect, this can only change by first looking at ourselves, and then being conscious of how we treat all others. Our community instils an environment of kindness, respect and compassion.


We believe transparency is key in all aspects of life and essential to building trust and accountability. We are committed to being transparent and communicating simply, directly, openly and honestly to all our stakeholders; our partners, practitioners, members and employees. We equally encourage our community to communicate in the same way.

Meet the Founders

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!

We are Helen and Pauline, founders of Bodhi Holistic Hub.

We met as colleagues and became friends from working together for many years in the tech start-up space. Both European Helen (Irish) and Pauline (French), but both settled and living in this incredible and beautiful place - the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Let us tell you a bit about us...

Founder BHH Helen Mullan


Always having a passion for wellbeing, Helen took this to another level after some heavy life challenges made her rethink her purpose in life. On her path of self development and healing she trained in becoming a Yoga teacher, Meditation & Mindfulness facilitator and Reiki & Sound healer. Taking the leap as a Global recruiter to set up her own holistic practice she now lives her purpose by serving others.

Helen's appreciation deepened as she leaned into alternative therapies to support her during her fertility and pregnancy journey. As a momma and holistic facilitator she continues to promote her advocacy for these transformational therapies & self practices and through Bodhi Holistic Hub she is honored to do just that.

Founder BHH Pauline Romao


Pauline has always been passionate about holistic practices and tried many along the years becoming the go-to person for recommendations and advice. She has also studied to become certified in Hygienism and Iridology and deepen her knowledge in alternative medicines. Recently, she spent time volunteering with indigenous tribes and witnessed how much holistic medicine is ingrained in their daily lives, a way of life which sadly seems to have been forgotten by many in our modern societies.

She truly believes that everyone could benefit from holistic care and hopes that Bodhi Holistic Hub will help remove the stigma that surrounds these practices.


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