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Ysaline Godet

Speciality Fertility & Birth
Languages Français,English
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Ysaline's Frequently Asked Questions

As a life coach, I am here to provide support and guidance for your personal development and any phase of life you may be navigating. Whether you're seeking support in setting and achieving goals, improving relationships, enhancing self-confidence, or making important life decisions, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your potential and create positive change. As a doula, my role extends beyond the traditional boundaries of pregnancy and birth. I can offer support even before conception, helping you prepare physically and emotionally for the journey of parenthood. I am committed to being a supportive presence by your side. Combining the roles of a life coach and doula, I am equipped to support you holistically in both personal growth and the transformative experience of becoming a parent. I am here to empower you and provide the guidance you need to navigate your unique path with confidence and clarity.

BIG YES! Taking dedicated time for yourself is something that can be done at any point in your journey. It's important to recognize that working on ourselves is a continuous process, and there are always benefits to be gained, regardless of which stage of motherhood you find yourself in. As a doula and life coach, I am here to provide support no matter where you are on your journey. Whether you're a new mother or have been on this path for a while, I am dedicated to offering my assistance and helping you navigate through the challenges and joys that come with motherhood. Remember, prioritizing self-care and personal growth is an ongoing journey, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

This session is completely tailored to you and your specific needs. We can discuss and explore various topics based on what you require support with. I don't come with a predefined list of subjects to cover because my focus is entirely dedicated to you during our time together. I am here to offer you support and hold space for you in navigating your emotions, feelings, and life experiences. There are numerous possibilities for what we can do during our session, and it's not limited to any specific activities. We can engage in meaningful discussions, provide comfort and relaxation, address any questions you have related to yourself or your baby, and even explore the benefits of a rebozo massage. The key is to create a safe and nurturing environment where we can address your unique needs and provide the support you require. I am fully committed to guiding you through this journey and ensuring that our session is focused entirely on your well-being.

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