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Lorraine Drummond

Speciality Coaching & Counselling
Languages English
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Lorraine's Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on what outcomes you outlined at your initial consultation, you should be able to notice a difference in “how” you go about things. To be honest - when it comes to coaching, there are subtle changes, that are built up over time & may not be noticeable to you after your first session It’s a bit like going to the gym for the first time - you won’t walk out like Arnie Schwarzenegger if this was your first time entering a gym!! 🤣 If you have committed to a series of coaching sessions, again like hiring a personal trainer, we work together on your goals, overcoming the obstacles and hurdles that you encounter along the way.

Absolutely Not!! As the name suggests - Conscious Hypnosis, the conscious mind is still active, while we target the subconscious. Therefore, you have control over any suggestions that may be presented to you. If anything suggested goes against any of your values (unlikely) you have the complete freedom to disregard the suggestion. Conscious Hypnosis helps you consciously amend some habits that you may have fallen into: for example stopping smoking, help you stick to a diet. Hypnosis can also help you deal with a traumatic experience, to help rewire the automatic “trigger” response and find another way to help you experience the emotions in a healthier constructive manner

No - Coaching is more collaborative, with the coach guiding you towards your own answers. Coaching will help you achieve your best version and more now and future focused. Counselling - is more about fixing a problem, with a prescriptive action plan. Primarily more Mental Health focused.

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